Top Issues Our Youth Are Facing Today

As elders and adults, it is our responsibility to bring them on the right path.

For centuries, society has been evolving and revolutionizing. People are adapting to the rapid-changing lives with the development of technology. Some issues for youth are not new, but yet they are amplified or altered in recent times.

Teens struggle more with their relationships, with their family or friends. Things have changed over the years; this generation of youth is more inclined towards new and innovative technologies arising. Youth are more engaged in social media and have changed the way they behave and communicate.

Our millennium society has started recognizing troubles that youth has to deal with today. Youth are not taking all these issues well as they have gradually become a trend.

Single-Parent Households

single parenting

You must have heard your friends being brought by either of the parents! The problem has rooted itself where they are brought up. Single parenthood has prevailed recently. Millions of single parents have responsibilities to raise millions of children. Raising children with two parents is itself not an easy job and then comes single parenthood. It adds more stress and depletes the parent and youth financially and mentally. Every parent works hard to meet the ends for their children. But youth with a disfigured family tend to act out. They are at higher risk of drug or alcohol abuse or other dangerous deeds. Adults have great impacts on growing youth and youth face mental and emotional issues further in life. Decision-making ability gets clouded.

Liquor/ Drug Abuse

alcohol abuse

Youth spend most of their time on screens and get influenced by celebrities or ideals. Some of them showcase drug and alcohol use in movies and random videos. Even though we all know that smoking is injurious to health but youth still indulge in recreational activities. Youth find sitting around with friends smoking or drinking or taking up drugs very cool. But they forget how harmful and fatal these activities are! Teens literally love the intoxicated feeling, and they cherish it. Immaturity of teens gets magnified under such influence. They have mental breakdowns, fall into stress, anxiety, depression and moreover jeopardize their career.



Parents of this generation probably fail to give enough attention and quality time to their children. Our society has more value for money. It has only promoted children to favor and appreciate materialistic things. They find their happiness and satisfaction in little things that money can buy. It can be mobile phones, cars, watches, clothes, shoes, etc. This materialism only provides teens a temporary pleasure. To be precise, this is not exactly the parent’s fault either. They want to provide their children with all the things they couldn’t have hands-on. In order to offer their best lifestyle, they keep their children updated with new technologies without thinking about how dependent they get on materials. The ultimate consequence of this material ingrained childhood is bitter adulthood.

Education Disparity

Education is for one and all. It is necessary and important for everyone to learn about society and its functioning. Children get more opportunities to better their lives and to create a life at their own will with success. But the educational disparity is a common issue in schools all over the world. There are some pupils who get a better education and teaching compared to others. It is not about a particular school in a particular area, all schools have this difference. This difference is probably due to race, caste or financial status. For instance, if you are a minority in some area or have a poor neighborhood, then you or your children are more likely to face this! Hence, the doors for great jobs and other opportunities remain shut for the youth.


bad habits

They are other various reasons that are debatable or few people might dispute it even. Issues like economic shift, obesity, violence in schools, poverty, etc. With all these prevailing issues among youth, they fall into depression and stress easily. With all these troubles, youth have shaped up into self-reliant and materialistic people. But as a society, we need to take action to make their future brighter. They are the upcoming generations’ pillar; and as a result, they need to get through these worrisome situations. As elders and adults, it is our responsibility to bring them on the right path.