The Incredible Adventure for a Life of Christopher Lee

The Incredible Adventure for a Life of Christopher Lee

With an acting career that spanned over seven incredible decades with countless other stints in between, Sir Christopher Lee was an actor way beyond par excellence. Superlatives fall spectacularly short when similized with the scintillating suave of his sublime self. It won’t be any shame in admitting that no one, NOBODY could live the life the way he did. Despite his iconic voice and his unwavering portrayal of the steadfast Saruman The White, in Peter Jackson’s epic adaptation of J.R.R Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings, there was so much more to his life than just that, 


To say that Christopher Lee was an interesting man with a spirited life would be the understatement of understatements. From being in the British Secret Services during the second world war, to almost marrying into Swedish Royalty, here are instances of the life of Christopher Lee which could probably not be written as a movie, for it would look and seem far too outlandish. Anyhow, we have put together 6 such instances of his life that were nothing short of WOW. 

He Loved Music And Recorded Two Heavy Metal Albums

Yes, you read that right! Probably the greatest actor of all time from Britain has not just one but two heavy metal albums to his name. “Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross” and “Charlemagne: The Omens of Death” are the two full albums he recorded. He didn't just do this as a publicity stunt, but received critical appraisal for the same too, bagging “the Spirit of Metal’ award. All of this at the mind boggling age of 88! You can learn about new stuff and try them to the best by having a stress free environment and delta 8 helps. Check these delta-8 gummies as starters.

He Had A Fascination With Executioners

We all need hobbies to while away time and it looks like the go to actor for Dracula had his with being encapsulated with executioners. He was so well versed and had such extensive knowledge about them that he could even name all public executioners dated back till the 15th century! Seeing that he played the role of Dracula more than anyone and more than 80% of all his characters were villainous, it seems understandable for him to have a dark side.

Lee Had to Get Permission From the King of Sweden to Marry

While in Stockholm during the 50s, Lee met with Henriette von Rosen in a nightclub and was soon engaged to her. Her father, Count Fritz von Rosen was never in favor of the wedding, delaying it on several occasions. It is alleged that he even went to the extent of hiring private investigators to look up the life of the Brit. Eventually, Lee even got permission from the King to get married, but decided not to because he thought Von Rossen deserved “better”.

Only Actor to Be a Part of Oscar Wins Separated by 50 Years

Through his entire filming career, Lee was a part of 6 “Best Picture” Oscar nominated movies, out of which two won the famed accolade. Hamlet (1948) and Lord of The Rings - Return of the King (2003) were the ones that won.. Now there might be actors with more movies that are nominated as the Best Picture, but only Lee has the distinction where the two movies were spaced out by five decades.

The Only One in the Cast of LOTR to Actually Meet Tolkein

Before people were raving about Peter Jackson’s epic as the Lord of The Rings, Lee was already a Tolkein fanatic. It is even said that he reread all of his books throughout most of his adult life! With a busy schedule as his and still taking out the time to read all the books shows his immense indulgence with the story. He was the only cast member of the LOTR to have actually met the author in person!

He Corrected Jackson for the Sound Made While Being Stabbed

Being a part of the Secret Service makes you witness the harshest of the harsh that humans can do to other humans. Christopher Lee had seen all of that and more, so when filming LOTR he had more than enough of an idea of what sound you make when being stabbed. Jackson had a more dramatic take on it, to which the legend promptly gave directions to the director regarding the same. 

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