How to Prepare For Your Zoom Interview?


Sitting amid this pandemic, we still are surrounded by uncertainties. And the job market is perhaps hit the greatest by it. COVID-19 has cost a lot of people around the world their regular work. And given the current scenario, it’s also really difficult to step back in the game.

But hey, it’s not impossible.

Are you too looking for a new job? Yes, it’s a competitive time. However, with the right preparation, you may be able to get what you are looking for. And I might be able to help you.

Now, interviews, as you know, are the first step to any job. However, the circumstances today have changed the whole game. Over the past few months, the process of interviews has shifted online, to platforms like zoom. And zoom interviews aren’t completely like the regular, face-to-face ones.

As you prepare for your next zoom interview, It’s important to do a bit extra. And here are a few tips to help you go about it right.


Keep Your Camera On All The Time

Now, one of the things that I’ve noticed during zoom interviews is that many people keep their cameras off. People say that it helps them stay calm, as they are not facing their interviewer.

Well, maybe the trick works. However, it still isn’t a good idea to go off that route.

A very simple reason for this is that, during the pandemic, a video interview is the closest we can get to a usual face to face interview. And without the camera on, it feels really impersonal and unprofessional. Also, your interviewer won’t be able to judge you right, which has a chance of going against you. Hence, I would suggest you keep your camera on all the time.

Now, if your camera is broken, you don’t have an option. However, even in that case, you must inform your interviewer beforehand. Otherwise, try to fix the issue.

Test Everything Beforehand

As we talk about it, a computer system, you can understand, isn’t always a reliable equipment. It’s a man-made machine with several soft spots. Hence, before you go into your interview, it’s important to check for any potential faults. Make sure your camera, mic, and speakers are working correctly. Also, check if the internet is working fine.

For this, you may ask a friend of yours to help you out. Call them via zoom a day before your interview and check if everything is in good shape.


Sit Away From Distractions

Given the recent lockdowns and work from home culture, most of us are now living with our families. And this may make finding a quiet place for your zoom interview a bit difficult.

However, doing so, you must understand, is very important. When you are on a zoom call with your potential employer, it is vital to show some professionalism. Hence, make sure you are sitting at a place that is free from any distractions. Switch off the TV, shut the door, and make sure the only sounds where you are sitting are of the people on the call.


Keep The Area Properly Lit


While deciding a location for your zoom interview, it’s also important to consider the lighting of that area. Being in a low-lit area or having the light source behind you can make it quite hard for the other person to see you. And trust me, if an interviewer can’t see your face, he won’t be paying attention to most of the things you say. Having said that, you must sit in a properly lit area. Also, try to keep that light as natural as possible.

If you can’t find a place with natural light, though, you may place a light source in front of you and switch on the other lights in the room to balance that source.


Think of it as Any Other Interview

In the end, you must keep in mind that, despite being online, a zoom interview is still an interview. You must not feel under pressure for a piece of tech sitting between you and your interviewer. Just like a face-to-face interview, staying calm, composed, and confident is the key to crack zoom interview. So, prepare as you usually do.

Amid this pandemic, zoom interviews are providing us with some great opportunities. Even when we are stuck at home, we are able to look for jobs and connect with our potential employers. Yes, it does include technology, which many are not used to. But by preparing in advance, you can easily get through it, excelling. Hope the above tips help you get your dream job this time. Good luck!