Potential Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Therapy for Senior Citizens

Early identification and treatment of low testosterone are of vital importance. Based on the severity of illness, there is a range of effective treatments available.

As you age, there is a decline in the T-levels both in men and women. If you are considering testosterone therapy to feel younger and more vigorous, then know the potential benefits of risks.

How to Enhance Productivity at Work?

Each day comes with a limited number of hours. You either make it or break it. In order to make the most of your time, you need to increase your productivity. So, either you can devote more hours or you can work smarter. Which one would you choose? Well, I’ll choose the latter. Being productive is not that hard to achieve if you learn to manage your time The following strategies would be of great help. 

How to Discipline Your Dog Without Punishment?

Punishment- one thing every single person hates. Then how can you expect that your pet will like it? Scolding your dog is never fun, neither for you nor for your dog. It leads to lack of trust and hurts feelings. A little bad behavior can be absolute worst for your emotional support dog.

Are Schools Equipped to Handle Mental Health Breakdowns?

There is no room for uncertainty in a child’s life, especially when it comes to mental health problems. Somehow or other, by reinforcing positive practices or through behavioral interventions, or both combined, a child’s mental health should come first. Of all schools, there are a few that best handle mental health issues because those schools have somehow contrived to infuse academic culture with mental health issues.

How Has the Coronavirus Changed our Society and Culture?

If you think that normalcy will be restored once the lockdown is over, think again. COVID-19 has already brought radical changes to our society and culture. From elevated hygiene standards to falling economies, change is apparent since the outbreak. And these outcomes are a mix of positive and negative scenarios. While some countries report cleaner air and swimming dolphins, others see a rise in domestic violence and divorce rate.

Online Shaming In The Times Of Coronavirus: Does It Help?

Fear tames the mind and heart of everyone confined within the four walls of their house. This fear emerges because we care about the elderly who are at greater risk of the coronavirus. And we are angry at a group of people who gathered on the street without keeping the social distancing protocols in mind.